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N1H1 Update

I was sitting on my bed with my gf this morning. She told me that her sister’s friend’s daughter died from the n1h1 shot. She also told me that her friend called her the day before her daughter died and told her not to take the shot and not to give the shot to her daughter Anna (13months).

She started to cry at this point, thinking about me because I took the shot.

My gf and her whole family isn’t getting it.

My advice, don’t get it.



I have a smoking patch on right now. I am going to take it off, and smoke.

And so the night starts.


On October 27th I had my regular Flu Shot.

I took the N1H1 shot on November 2nd.

The first 10 min, i felt fine. My arm hurt every now and then, but i felt ok.

The rest of the day, I felt tired and very worn out.

The following day I felt bed sick. I didn’t have the energy to do anything.

My advice: Take it, but have a few days for vaccine downtime.